Hello friends, 
We did it! We are officially full time farmers! Welcome to our weekly grind, where we will post details of our story in relation to our darling girl M&D farm. As we embark on this exciting new venture, Daniel and I will use this portion of the website to share photos, anecdotes, recipes, DIY projects and video clips of our daily trials and tribulations as country gentlemen, gardeners, cooking aficionados, antique peddlers, wedding venue impresarios and avid world travelers....
This new chapter in our lives promises to give you a glimpse of our world through the eyes of a Cuban and Spaniard transplanted to a farm in upstate NY... So get ready for plenty of smiles, a few laughs, surprisingly candid conversations, many sarcastic comments (mostly coming from me, I am sure!) and a ton of silly, funny, humorous moments as you commence on this adventure with us, and in our constant desire to seek beauty and pleasure in every day living we hope to inspire you a little and delight you lots...;-) 



The modern farmers' progress

Just a few notes to keep you abreast of our progress thus far with our wedding venue plans... 
As Winter reaches its end and we start to see small pops of green life all over the gardens, at M&D Farm we sit back and reminisce on the last 6 months events and all the seeds of love we have started planting! 
So yes, I left my high paying corporate job blah blah blah .... and although we are learning how to walk and maneuver through a completely different calmer paced world than what we had been used to in our previous life in NYC. We have completely submersed ourselves into the experience and are enjoying it to the max with everyday becoming a fun new adventure!!!! We are like two little kids on Christmas morning running down the stairs, thrilled by the possibility and expectation of opening all of Santa's gifts! 
... And as we navigate through our different roles as self employed impresarios in our new chosen life style path, building a business from the ground up with minimal staffing... Which for me has been a slight adjustment, as I had over 75 people at my beck and call running around attempting to help me get things done! Now we do it all ourselves and poor Daniel has had to develop a multitude of multiple personalities in the last six months!!!;-))))) All joking aside, we are both very driven, resourceful, creative individuals with an enormous passion, lots and lots of personality and the ability to conjure up and able to execute any dream into a reality with tremendous amount experience which should serve us well during this transition. 
Outside of our month away in our precious Spain, visiting family and friends eating and drinking too much good food and wine.... We have spent a little bit of time working on a myriad of projects to prepare ourselves for the next months ahead.
As you can see our website is up and ready! Please take your time to browse through all the stunning photos of the gardens and house. Read a bit of our story and long term plans to make M&D Farm a heavenly dream destination spot for events, weddings and weekenders alike... 
We are still going through the approval process with the state for our parking lot, as I mentioned before the meaning of instant results nowadays is only reserved for IG up here. Things do move at a different slower pace and I have come to accept it. As they say "When in Rome do as the Romans"!!! 
The Local Town Board could not be more supportive with our plans, so that has been a step in the right direction. 
Also, all the vendors we are partnering up with, have been very enthusiastic with the space, totally seeing the locale's enormous magical potential, which obviously has us very excited and thrilled with the possibility.... 
So we patiently wait and are all set to pull the trigger once the approvals come through, which we expect to happen within the next month. Hallelujah!!!! 
Once that goes through, the precious parking lot will be built and some minor renovations inside the barn will be done within weeks. Also lots of white painting to do inside the structure to make the space feel even more magical and wedding ready; lots of strings of fairy lights need to be hung, which will enhance the romantic ethereal country mood. All this work should ultimately get us fully prepared and operational for the month of May, when the gardens would be in bloom and ready to welcome any type of festivity or gathering! 
Keep tuned into our posts and future progress reports as we welcome you into our world and adventures at M&D Farm. We hope the chic, laid-back beauty and authentic comfort of our farm, house & gardens will inspire your special event to be truly magical.